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pc bundle

The Ultimate PC Bundle - Save Hundreds on 10 Top-Rated Apps Ft. Scrivener & CCleaner Pro - Deal Alert

The web is an incredible place, filled with a slew of programs and apps designed to help you get the most out of your PC. But which ones do you pick? Fortunately, the Ultimate PC Bundle is here, and it has curated 10 top-rated...

frontend development course

85% off Foundations of Front-End Development Course - Deal Alert

This course covers the basic programming concepts and languages required for creating engaging websites from scratch. It's $199 list price has been dramatically discounted to just $29.

Break the tyranny of native mobile apps

Once freedom reigned in the form of Web apps that worked across every platform. Mobile apps have taken a big step back with platform lock-in -- but there's hope

Open source development surges for Android and, surprisingly, iOS

Android's openness and growing popularity is attracting mobile developers to the platform, says a Black Duck VP.

Google woos developers as software becomes more important

As hardware and design becomes less of a differentiator for smartphones and tablets, Google shifts focus to better app tooling for Android.

Beware the mobile tech jobs bubble

We know that many Silicon Valley tech jobs are short-lived, following a boom-and-bust cycle. Bill Snyder thinks that mobile app dev could be the next job bubble to burst.

The great JavaScript debate: Improve it or kill it?

Google's Dart aims to replace JavaScript, Intel's River Trail to extend it. The race is on as smartphone apps redefine the parameters of client-side programming.

Android developers face legal hurdles in license compliance

Developers who make apps for Android have a lot more to worry about than just building great software.

Developers' big decision: Whether to bet the farm on Facebook

FarmVille creator Zynga earns riches from social network platforms, but the walled-garden approach poses risks for independent developers.

Your next job: Mobile app developer?

With companies scrambling to build mobile apps, there's a gold rush on for developers willing to retool their technical skills and adopt a new design mind-set

Forrester calls Google's Chromebook 'corporate idiocy'

The world is moving away from the Web to mobile apps; Google could miss the boat, says Forrester's CEO.

Mobile, cloud are changing application development

Development technologies such as HTML5 are becoming more prominent in enterprises, but Java and .Net still dominate, Forrester report shows.

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