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The 10 worst big data practices

Big data tools and frameworks can revolutionize the way your apps compute and utilize data-- but they're not without edges. Check your head with these 10 common pitfalls of overenthusiastic adoption.

Oracle hopes to make SQL a lingua franca for big data

Big Data SQL demands a big investment in Oracle's technology stack, but the payoff could be worth it for shops that need to integrate traditional RDBMS with Hadoop and NoSQL data stores.

DataStax Enterprise 4.5 turbocharges speed and security

Leading column-family NoSQL database gets an enterprise-grade makeover, with blazing in-memory speed, Hadoop integration, and granular security controls.

Custom Cassandra data types

Learn to create and then use custom Cassandra Query Language data types in this quick tutorial from Dustin Marx.

MongoDB grows up -- and shows off its enterprise cred

At the MongoDB World conference, the NoSQL darling got new enterprise-grade features and a Fortune 500 hug. Can MongoDB survive the embrace?


Get to know Cassandra, the NoSQL maverick

Column-family database Cassandra is a NoSQL option in a class of its own. Find out why Cassandra excels in scenarios where scale is more important than immediate consistency, and in systems that execute large numbers of reads and...


Fast data: The next step after big data

How open source streaming systems like Apache Kafka coupled with NoSQL and NewSQL data stores are bringing instantaneous processing to the big data revolution.

Couchbase brings NoSQL power to mobile apps

Couchbase Mobile promises native embedded NoSQL on mobile devices, both to bolster apps and to help Couchbase stand apart from other NoSQL providers.

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Hello Cassandra

Get a quick guide to setting up Cassandra, using keyspaces, and creating a column family, then some caveats regarding how the NoSQL datastore differs from a relational database.

Hadoop, Python, and NoSQL lead the pack for big data jobs

Demand for big data skills are on the rise and aren't limited to just NoSQL and Hadoop but also include Python and general cloud skills.

Cloudera and MongoDB: 'We're better together'

The Hadoop vendor and NoSQL creator are joining forces to bolster each other's products and bring together their combined user bases.

First look: MongoDB 2.6, the all-grown-up version

The leading NoSQL database has long been a favorite of developers. Now the brand-new 2.6 version of MongoDB is ready to woo operations.

Beware of NoSQL standards in Oracle's clothing

Oracle is reportedly trying to lure NoSQL startups into a standards body. But what if Oracle's real motive is to slow the pace of NoSQL adoption?

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Big data showdown: Cassandra vs. HBase

Bigtable-inspired open source projects take different routes to the highly scalable, highly flexible, distributed, wide column data store.

Cassandra lowers the barriers to big data

Cassandra excels at scaling writes and reads, and its "masterless" architecture makes creating and expanding clusters relatively straightforward. Here's why Cassandra should be high on the list for organizations seeking a datastore...

The dirty truth about big data and NoSQL

You thought big data was exclusive to social media empires and search engines? Think again.

9 technologies for a supercharged 2014

Cloud computing and big data are exiting the buzzword zone in 2014, which is why database and PaaS technologies should lead the way in your enterprise.


Eric Redmond on design patterns for distributed systems

Basho engineer Eric Redmond discusses the mechanics, patterns, and tradeoffs involved in building distributed systems, based in part on his experience with the NoSQL database Riak.

10 likely nightmares for 2014

From China hacking the cloud to Oracle becoming open source enemy No. 1, read Andrew Oliver's darkest tech predictions for the year ahead.

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CouchDB creator joins to work on 'ridiculously cool' infrastructure project

NoSQL database creator Damien Katz will join the team in January 2014, for a project he says could "change a lot more than Salesforce."

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