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Generating Passwords in Java using the obix commons library

Learn how to generate strong and secure passwords in Java using functionality available in the latest release of the obix commons library. To access the sample application and related documentation, please see the URL:...

Lamport's one-time password algorithm (or, don't talk to complete strangers!)

The Lamport algorithm provides an elegant scheme for generating and applying one-time passwords, or OTP. Find out how Lamport works, then see it in action with an OTP reference implementation for an extensible, Java-based library.

Simplify directory access with Spring LDAP

Why spend all your time handling checked exceptions, closing resources, and looping through NamingEnumerations when you don't have to? The Spring LDAP framework puts the 'l' (for lightweight) back into LDAP programming with JNDI.

Java Tip 46: Use Java 1.2's Authenticator class

Have you ever wanted to access a password-protected URL from within a Java program and been unable to figure out how to do it with Java 1.0 or Java 1.1? Now, with Java 1.2, you can more easily access URLs requiring the input of a...

Java Tip 47: URL authentication revisited

The previous tip, Java Tip 46, described how to access a URL that's password-protected from within a Java program, using Java 1.2's new Authenticator class. But what if you and your users are just now moving to Java 1.1? Basically,...

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