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Survey reveals generation gap in attitudes about security and privacy

Gen-Xer's and Millenials' different behaviors protecting sensitive information could be a concern for employers.

Yes, Google Glass is hackable, but that's the least of our privacy worries

Google can't and won't reassure the U.S. Congress that Google Glass poses no threat to privacy, but for Internet users rampant cyber crime and widespread surveillance are even more pressing security concerns.

Smile, you're on Google Glass, whether you like it or not

Google Glass's style points are debatable, but one thing's for sure: Data collection and user privacy will never be the same.

Google: New privacy policy to have little impact on enterprise

The company says it will not share data between its enterprise apps and personal Google accounts.

Study finds Android app-makers careless with some data

Researchers found 'widespread misuse' of data that should be kept private.

Twitter permissions changes frustrate developers

Twitter's new permission model gives users fine-grained control over third-party application access permissions. Developers may scramble to adopt the new protocol, however.

Why users don't trust mobile apps

Apple's iPhone privacy woes point to serious issues mobile developers can't afford to ignore.

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