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two rubies ruby

two rubies ruby

Ruby language upgrade improves garbage collection, pattern matching

Preview release of Ruby 2.7 also includes enhancements to the REPL and an experimental just-in-time compiler

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Beyond Java: Programming languages on the JVM

By running on the JVM, these languages run anywhere Java runs, work seamlessly with Java, and open up possibilities Java doesn’t

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What’s new in Ruby 2.5

The dynamic web language gets faster, has quicker documentation

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Ruby’s decline in popularity may be permanent

Still in the top 10 of RedMonk’s language rankings, Ruby faces tough competition from Go, Rust, Swift, and Kotlin

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Google App Engine adds C#, Node.js, and Ruby options

Google has also moved the Cloud Functions serverless environment to beta release

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Cloud made easy: Get started with DigitalOcean

Build a web presence in minutes with DigitalOcean’s dead-simple cloud service

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Ruby creator floats new concurrency model

The new concurrency and parallelism model, called Guild, would feature thread safety, but isn't expected before 2020

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The end of BigLittle: Ruby unifies integer classes

Language founder Yukihiro Matsumoto says the general release of Ruby 2.4.0, currently available as a preview, will come in December

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Ruby on Rails takes on Node.js with WebSocket support, API mode

The first beta for the 5.0 edition of the popular Web framework for Ruby is out, with WebSockets support as a major feature -- and with Ruby 2.2.2 as a requirement

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IBM's open source JVM project could also speed Ruby, Python

IBM's internal OMR project makes maintaining JVM easier across platforms -- and may give other languages a performance boost

Ruby pioneers come clean on the language's shortcomings

Ruby founder Yukihiro Matsumoto and Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson offer frank feedback on the language.

Happy 10th anniversary, Ruby on Rails -- but watch your back

Node.js may have stolen some of its thunder, but when it comes to jobs, Rails talent is still in demand.

Move over, Old Man Ruby -- your Java moment has arrived

History repeats itself, as Ruby's whiz kids find themselves lagging behind the same innovation train that once outran Java. Now can we all get back to coding, please?

Contributions of individual programming languages to software development

Let's not argue anymore about which programming language is best! This post considers some of our most and least popular languages in terms of their ongoing contributions to software development.

Fatal abstraction: A bottom-up view of high-level languages

Can a low-level guy with a data center mindset find happiness with the built-in abstraction of modern languages.

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Node.js keeps stealing Rails' thunder

Rails founder isn't worried about Node.js displacing Rails, but more and more companies are making the switch.

Ruby scripting language makes embedded play

Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto says Mruby, a lightweight Ruby variant, will compete with Java in the embedded space.

Why is still a mess

Built with Ruby and Jekyll, the new portal has been plagued with issues since it launched on October 1. Here's what experts are saying about the front- and back-end issues leaving health insurance seekers in the lurch.

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