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6 technologies you should learn this year

Continually learning new skills is both a perk of being a software developer and a career necessity. The trick is knowing which trends to follow, so here's a list that'll help.

Open source Java projects: Akka

This installment of Open source Java projects showcases Akka, a JVM-based toolkit and runtime that implements the actor model as message-passing paradigm. Start with a simple example, then work through a more complex program using...

Epic codefest: 7 programming languages in 7 days

If the future of programming is polyglot then being able to rapidly pick up and use new programming languages should be gold on your resume. Find out what happened when a software team was challenged to learn and apply seven languages...

Scala upgrade improves tooling, sheds runtime overhead

Version 2.10 of the JVM language will gain improvements in classes and asynchronous programming.

Learn Scala with Specs2 Spring

Using Specs2 Spring to test your Java apps is one way to start learning Scala's object-functional programming patterns, without leaving the Spring framework or tossing out perfectly good Java code.

Why we need even more programming languages

Upgrading existing, popular languages to support new features is a lot harder than you might think, says Neil McAllister.

Yammer banks on Scala, ends up moving to Java

Infrastructure architect's email to Scala execs points out pitfalls and breakthroughs of adopting a young programming language.

Scala designer cites goals for JVM language alternative

Developer Martin Odersky tells the story of Scala, a statically typed language that can be used to build Android apps.

Scala: The Android programming language you didn't know you had

Statically typed Java language pushed as alternative to JRuby and Groovy for building mobile Android apps.

The A-Z of programming languages: From Pizza to Scala

How Martin Odersky created the programming language behind Twitter.

Scala founder: Tools needed to boost enterprise usage

Panelists debate what it will take to get the JVM language into enterprises.

Typesafe aims to bring Scala development to enterprises

Startup company's JVM-compatible Scala-based software stack is geared toward parallel and distributed computing environments.

JavaOne 2010: A Brief Introduction to Scala

Steven Reynolds (a "software developer and manager" who works at INT ) presented "A Brief Introduction to Scala" at JavaOne 2010 .

The next big JVM language?

There’s an interesting thread of comments related to a blog post by Stephen Colebourne , who is giving a talk at this year’s JavaOne entitled “Next Big JVM language.” In particular, he and others note that the Fantom language could be...

A recent Java platform roundtable

I had the pleasure of joining a number of colleagues in a panel discussion regarding the Java platform recently. The resulting dialog can be found on IBM DeveloperWorks entitled “ Java platform roundtable, Spring 2010 ” — in this...

Concurrency with Kilim

The basic programming model of languages, like Java, is thread based and while multithreaded applications aren’t terribly hard to write, there are challenges to writing them correctly. What’s difficult about concurrent programming is...

Actor style messaging and honey do lists

As I previously mentioned in “ Free lunches, mousetraps and the Actor model “, Edward A.

Free lunches, mousetraps and the Actor model

A politician once mused A free lunch is only found in mousetraps.

Java point-counterpoint isn't actually about Java

There was a fun and wholly civil little mini-blog debate between Twitter's Nick Kalen and the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group's Roman Roelofsen this week. Kalen started it with a post called Why I Love Everything You Hate About Java ,...

Book Review: Programming Scala

One more than one occasion, I’ve found myself yearning for a more functional paradigm that facilitates easier concurrency programming on the JVM.

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