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HTTP/2: A jump-start for Java developers

Get tips for leveraging HTTP/2 features like server push, streaming, multiplexing, and header compression to boost the latency of your Java web applications.

The decline of the Java application server

It's early days for container-managed services, but already it appears that a core component of the traditional Java development stack is less central than it used to be.

15 technologies changing how developers work

The work of telling computers what to do is markedly different than it was even five years ago, so don't get caught asleep at the console. Peter Wayner profiles 15 technologies transforming how developers work today.

Amazon cloud users can now get a piece of Nginx Plus

Amazon Web Services now offers Nginx Web server, a popular alternative to Apache HTTPS, and media streaming for flat subscription price for all machine types.

The platform-as-a-service winner is ... Puppet?

Enterprises are still bucking the public cloud, and some prefer private cloud PaaS as the modern alternative to the app server of yore. But what's a devops framework doing leading the PaaS pack?


Denial-of-service vulnerability puts Apache Tomcat servers at risk

Attackers can cause Tomcat processes to use all available CPU resources by sending malformed HTTP requests.

James Gosling

James Gosling grades Oracle's handling of Sun's technology

Java's founder assesses how well Oracle has managed the technologies it acquired in the four years since it bought Sun.

BadInputFilter revisited

BadInputFilter is a frontline against security exploits in Tomcat 6. Unfortunately, it breaks silently in later implementations. Learn how to restore the security benefits of BadInputFilter for all versions of Tomcat, and even for use...

Oracle halting support for GlassFish app server

While GlassFish Open Source Edition 4.1 will be released in 2014, says Oracle, the company will not be releasing a 4.x commercial version of the Java application server.

Review: Puppet Enterprise 3.0 pulls more strings

Version 3.0 of Puppet Labs' server configuration automation tool shines with speed boosts, orchestration improvements, and deeper support for Windows servers.

Can TomEE save Java EE?

David Blevins of the Apache TomEE project believes there's life left in the Java EE programming model -- and that his souped-up Tomcat enterprise application server proves it.

Open source Java projects: TomEE

As applications scale to enterprise, they often surpass the capacity of a standard web container. Rather than wire up a deployment environment from scratch, why not check out TomEE? Steven Haines relaunches Open source Java projects...

Red Hat OpenShift adds Maven and Jenkins to PaaS preview

Red Hat's OpenShift hosted platform now incorporates the open source Maven and Jenkins application development management programs.

Why OpenStack will falter

Open source history suggests that Eucalyptus, a private cloud implementation of Amazon Web Services, will triumph over OpenStack.

Eclipse's annual software release train arrives

The Indigo release train features work from 62 project teams and emphasizes Java and modeling

JetBrains upgrades continuous integration server

TeamCity 6.5, which competes with Project Hudson and Jenkins, offers a restyled UI and removes previous usage limitations.

JavaScript conquers the server

Node.js, Jaxer, EJScript, RingoJS, and AppengineJS combine the familiarity of JavaScript, low overhead, blazing speed, and unique twists.

Oracle hands Hudson to Eclipse, but Jenkins fork seems permanent

Oracle's Hudson moves alienated the open source community, and those behind the fork say Oracle's latest move was also done without them.

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