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When Do You Have "Enough" Design Time?

How do you know when it's time to stop staring out the window... and start coding? The department had been given a new project. It was a bit like earlier projects, but had a few unique needs that made the application interesting. On...

Annotations, to do or not to do?

It goes without saying that annotations have been something of a massive boon to enterprise Java developers. In fact, we can safely say that it is one of the key weapons in a developer's arsenal when battling the complexity of various...

Building cloud-ready, multicore-friendly applications, Part 1: Design principles

Atomicity, statelessness, idempotence, and parallelism: that's your ticket to code that's ready for both modern multicore chips and the future of distributed -- or cloud -- computing. Appistry engineer Guerry Semones introduces these...

JavaFX Mobile released

Sun Microsystems has announced the availability of JavaFX Mobile, a platform for developing and delivering Rich Internet Applications across a wide range of mobile devices.

Making Progress With Swing's Progress Monitoring API

by Jennie Hall Updated Jan. 23, 2009 In this tip, you'll learn how to use Swing's progress indicator support to monitor and report on the progress of long-running operations. It is a good practice to keep users informed as they...

Jump into JavaFX, Part 1: JavaFX Preview SDK

Client-side developers are poised to take the plunge into JavaFX, so why wait for the official release? Get a running jump with Jeff Friesen's easy introduction to the JavaFX Preview SDK, with NetBeans 6.1 and Project Nile.

Open source Java projects: Java Binding for OpenGL (JOGL)

If you're planning to develop a game engine or other Java software that requires 3D graphics, you'll want to know about JOGL. Learn how to use this low-level API to introduce OpenGL's high performance and powerful features to your...

Exceptional discussion of exceptions

I just finished reading an excellent

Four harmful Java idioms, and how to fix them

John O'Hanley reveals the fault lines of four widespread Java idioms, then tickles our brains with new ideas about optimizing Java code for maintainability.

Open source Java projects: Balloontip for Java

Get clued in to lesser known open source Java projects that can save you time and money -- starting this month with Bernhard Pauler's balloontip project for Swing GUI development.

Exceptions for action

Is your code overloaded with exceptions? Get some guidelines for writing efficient, reusable exceptions that minimize processing overhead without leaving users or sysadmins in the dark.

Java Fun and Games: Explore the geometry of nature

Enhance your Java games with math-based fractals that imitate nature's geometry.

OO, XML, and GML: Are angle brackets a flexible modeling material?

Using XML in a Java environment can easily introduce questions like: Why should I use it at all? How do I use it? What is the best way to use XML? This article summarizes Milan Trninić's experience in trying to answer such questions...

Dynamic Behaviors in Java

Dynamic Behaviors is a design pattern similar to the Chain of Responsibility pattern that allows applications to change object behavior at runtime by attaching special class instances to the objects being modified. This article...

J2SE 1.4 premieres Java's assertion capabilities, Part 2

Part 1 of this two-part series covered the mechanics of using the new assertion facility introduced in J2SE, (Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition) 1.4. This installment discusses the methodology behind using assertions. Assertions are a...

To EJB, or not to EJB?

Since J2EE's (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) earliest days, Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) technology has caused much controversy, with developers and architects constantly struggling to make best use of EJB in their projects....

J2SE 1.4 premieres Java's assertion capabilities, Part 1

J2SE (Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition) 1.4 adds a simple assertion facility to Java. At the simplest level, an assertion checks a boolean-typed expression that a developer specifically proclaims must be true during program runtime...

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November 2, 2001

Step into the J2EE architecture and process

The Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Platform is defined by four key pieces: the specification, the reference implementation, the compatibility test suite, and the BluePrints program. BluePrints describes the best practices and design...

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