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Speed Reeding Course

Over 80% off Essential Speed Reading Bundle - Deal Alert

You know that stack of books you’ve been meaning to tackle, but thought you never had the time? The Essential Speed Reading Bundle comes with a 3-year subscription to Spreeder and 7 Speed Reading EX, two tools proven to boost reading...

7 tools tuned for agile development success

Dev shops versed in agile development can choose from a wealth of rapidly improving project management tools to hone their processes

Why you should care about your local hackerspace

Open centers of grassroots innovation, hackerspaces offer opportunities to source talent, create goodwill, and push technology forward.

Cloud app dev saves developers 1 hour of every 8

Software developers are gaining confidence in cloud platforms, but still split on productivity benefits versus tradeoffs in security and control.

Python coming to the enterprise, like it or not

Are dynamic languages built for the enterprise? Paul Rubens compares Python to Java and .Net. based on scalability, performance, developer productivity, and security.

Ruby and the myth of developer productivity

We live in an exciting new world of Web development languages. But pitches selling the productivity benefits of one language over another miss the point.

As Big Data grows, IT job roles and technology must change

IT managers say the Big Data movement continues to be a problem for many companies.

Why Chromebooks do have a role in your enterprise

Don't ignore Chromebooks because they're not the right solution for each and every user in your company.

Rethinking application development in light of 'devops'

Is your IT organization prepared to tear down the wall between development and operations?

IT learns to do less with less

CIOs are unlikely to spread resources in 2009, according to a recent Gartner report. Instead, teams will be pushed to ever higher levels of productivity, on an ever-dwindling number of projects.

Code redundancy wastes my time!

While some may revel in the polyglot future of programming, this developer notes that each new language requires re-writing the same old components. Can't we do better?

Open source Java projects: SwingLabs PDF Renderer

PDF files are ubiquitous for sharing documents over the Internet, but how do you view and render them in your Java applications? Find out what the SwingLabs PDF Renderer can do for you, in this installment of the 'Open source Java...

The myth of code-centricity

As long as the software industry remains code-centric, productivity improvement efforts will only advance at a slow pace. Jack Harich proposes an alternative focus -- tool congruence -- which measures how closely a tool's external...

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