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Open source Java projects: Spring Data

Find out how Spring Data lets you leverage the specialized features of NoSQL repositories like MongoDB, Neo4J, and Redis using the Spring framework coding conventions that you already know.

Java EE a tough sell for Spring framework users

New Spring framework releases such as Spring 4.0 and Spring IO stay in step with the evolving Java EE while offering programming ease and enterprise features not found on the Java standard platform.

Spring Framework flaw allows remote-code execution by attackers

With no quick fix in sight, Spring's remote-code-execution bug leaves many enterprise Java apps at risk.

VMware: Spring framework won't fall, despite Oracle

VMware pledges to continue advancing the Spring framework despite the departure of Rod Johnson, and despite Oracle's claims that it's no longer needed.

Spring Java developers get Hadoop integration

VMware's Spring Hadoop creates a welcome link between the Spring framework and Hadoop, a distributed processing platform.

Still don't think open source hurts commercial software? Guess again

Enterprises in cloud environments are mostly opting for open source Java app servers over commercial counterparts.

Picking the top technologies in a wild year

The 12th annual InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards boldly choose the best of the best, including CloudBees, Node.js, and Heroku.

Learn Scala with Specs2 Spring

Using Specs2 Spring to test your Java apps is one way to start learning Scala's object-functional programming patterns, without leaving the Spring framework or tossing out perfectly good Java code.

VMware launches a developer edition for Cloud Foundry

Micro Cloud Foundry lets developers build out and test apps before moving them to an actual Cloud Foundry service.

VMware's SpringSource purchase has yet to pay off

Two years and $420 million later, it's unclear whether the Spring framework hit the expected value, but it can still gain traction

Java must evolve for cloud computing, says Spring founder

Spring Founder Rod Johnson on why Java must seize the lead in cloud computing, or risk being overtaken.

VMware debuts sign-on service for cloud applications

VMware Horizon App Manager will provide a single sign on for all of an organization's cloud apps.

Open source programming tools on the rise

Git, Hadoop, and Hudson/Jenkins are counted among the top open source development projects making waves in the enterprise.

Will Java EE ever make it to the cloud?

Last week's Google I/O conference had pretty big news for Java developers: the release of a paid, souped-up Google App Engine for Java offering, in partnership with VMware, with support for the Spring Framework and an SLA promising...

SpringSource finally gets around to putting Spring into its server

SpringSource's tc Server got a bit of notice here a year ago when it came out , mostly in the context of its lightweightness. The server is based on Tomcat, and just as the Spring Framework is supposed to sort of be like Java EE, but...

Spring 3.0 arrives, tries to have it both ways with Java EE

Spring 3.0 is here , which should be of interest to the people who use it. Of whom there are many! For good reasons! This is how The H puts it : The Spring Framework was founded in 2002 with the aim of simplifying the programming of...

Spring: Simple getting complicated?

It's no secret that large, unwieldy products tend to get larger and less wieldy over time. It's not anybody's fault, really; it's just that large, unwieldy products have huge user bases, all of whom use it for somewhat different...

SpringSource deal unites open source technology builders

SpringSource has acquired Hyperic in a deal that will enable SpringSource to provide a product set for powering the entire Java application lifecycle, say company executives. Paul Krill reports.

Oracle/Sun: The end of Java as we know it?

There's little doubt that Oracle will make money on Java, but the question for many in the Java developer community is how, and at what expense. SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson, Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich, and...

IBM/Sun merge low impact for developers, says SpringSource CEO

A potential IBM/Sun merge has seemingly left SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson unruffled. Developers and open source drive Java technology and middleware today, he said, 'it's been many years since Sun and IBM set the agenda.' InfoWorld's...

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