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Swift vs. Objective-C: 10 reasons the future favors Swift

Challenger nudges Java, Node.js for Swift app dev

PerfectlySoft's Perfect 2.0 framework supports Swift 3.0 and focuses on modularity

Swift vs. Objective-C: 10 reasons the future favors Swift

4 no-bull reasons why Swift on Android won't come swiftly

Making Swift a viable option on Android would be an arduous task. Here are the reasons why Google will remain ensconced on Java

JavaScript, Java lead the way in RedMonk language rankings

RedMonk's Programming Language Rankings measure usage on GitHub and Stack Overflow, where JavaScript and Java continue to lead the pack.

Apple's Swift falls back to earth after initial surge

Apple's programming language dips in popularity after strong start, but is expected to even out in coming months.

10 things you should know about Apple's Swift

Apps built using Swift won't be accepted to the iOS or Mac App Store until the fall, so there's still time to learn the ins and outs of this new programming language.

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iOS developers poised to win big in Apple-IBM deal

The new alliance between Apple and IBM puts iPads in hands of IBM-backed businesses and gives enterprise-ready iOS developers a big new market to play in.

10 features Apple 'stole' for the Swift programming language

Apple's new Swift programming language borrows top features from a wide sample of scripting and programming languages, which is exactly why iOS and OS X developers like it.

Apple's Swift is instant hit among top programming languages

Introduced just last week, the new programming language for OS X and iOS applications has already captured enough developer interest to claim a spot in the Tiobe Programming Language Index.

Apple unveils Swift programming language

Swift, akin to Objective-C but without the baggage, emphasizes speed and interactivity for building OS X and iOS apps.

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