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It's time to lower the ax on obsolete browsers

Google is phasing out support for older versions of Firefox, IE, and Safari. It's time more Web developers did the same.

Sun's open source chief slams Google App Engine

Sun open source chief Simon Phipps is unhappy about Google's decision to support only a subset of Java in its Google App Engine. The decision flies in the face of a decade of tightly defined Java platform compatibility, he said.

Virtualization crosses the aisle: Microsoft and Red Hat

A virtualization deal struck Monday between Microsoft and Red Hat shows the growing need for vendors to ensure customers get cross-platform support for applications running in virtualized environments -- even if it means reaching...

Lucid Imagination backs Lucene, Solr

Start-up Lucid Imagination is betting that enterprise shops will pay for turn-key access to Lucene and Solr, two open source projects that are widely used in search-based applications.

SpringSource acquires G2One

SpringSource has purchased G2One and incorporated many of its developers working on Groovy and Grails. Chris Kanaracus reports on this latest addition to the expanding Spring Portfolio.

Eclipse 3.3 or NetBeans 6.0?

Learn what differentiates these two free, open source Java IDEs and how they compare out of the box, then use Andrew's rating chart to decide which IDE could best meet your needs.

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