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security risk

Google thinks global Internet security with Project Zero

Project Zero's team of security researchers will be dedicated to rooting out security bugs and traps in popular software, not just Google's.

Can TDD factions agree to disagree?

The #isTDDDead debate might be over but history suggests the fallout has just begun. Or at least that's what Uncle Bob says.

Git 2.0 features better defaults and a kinder learning curve

Improved defaults make the open source code sharing and version control system much easier to use for existing users and newbies alike.

java gears

Java developers prefer JUnit, Jenkins, and Git

Survey also reveals two-thirds of Java developers are still using Java 7, and Scala topped the list of alternative JVM languages.

java gears

How Joyent debugs Node code

Node.js's maintainers at Joyent discuss how Node and its apps are debugged, common issues with deployments in the wild, and how they're using DTrace for runtime profiling.

app security

11 reasons encryption is (almost) dead

Massive leaps in computing power, hidden layers, hardware backdoors -- encrypting sensitive data from prying eyes is more precarious than ever.

Front-end ops gaining prominence in Web development

The desire for faster websites and shorter development time is driving efforts to improve front-end coding and application testing. New tools are part of the package.

Java Tip: Hibernate validation in a standalone implementation

Get started with declarative annotations, composite validation rules, and selective validation in Hibernate Validator 5.0.3.

The dark side of lambda expressions in Java 8

Takipi CEO Tai Wiess says that lambda expressions in Java 8 offer more concise code at the expense of longer stack traces and more complex debugging, especially when you throw Nashorn into the mix.

data view

What's new in Logstash and why you should care

Part of Elasticsearch Inc.'s search and analytics platform, Logstash stands out for its speed, ease of use, and integration with complementary search and reporting tools.

Eclipse builds a bridge between desktop and cloud development

Project Flux will give developers an infrastructure for easily moving back and forth between desktops and the cloud.

big data

New Relic debuts Splunk-style analytics for software

New Relic Insights allows developers to harvest real-time statistics about running apps and crunch the results in its cloud.


Your quick guide to better JavaScript testing

Testing JavaScript code is a slog, especially if you aren't working with the right tools. Jonathan Freeman offers this handy primer for setting up a testing workflow with some of his favorites: Karma, Jasmine, and Istanbul.

GitHub Developer Program emphasizes integrations

The new GitHub Developer Program offers resources to work with the GitHub API, which includes features like project management, authentication, and the triggering of code-testing when committing code to GitHub.


Report: Half of all exploits target Java

Java's prevalence on devices and lax defenses make it a favorite target of malware developers.


Integrating Arquillian and JBehave

Get a quick look at three open source extensions that integrate Arquillian's container-based testing with JBehave's behavior-driven development framework.

Splunk feels the heat from stronger, cheaper open source rivals

Open source Graylog2, based on Java and Elasticsearch, provides an increasingly viable alternative to commercial log analysis tools like Splunk.

Something to consider as Java tops the programming charts

The failure of HealthCare.gov is just one indicator of a problem -- not with the Java language, but with how many developers are using it.

Programmers without TDD will be unemployable by 2022

Has TDD hit a tipping point? Maybe not yet, but soon. Agile developer Allan Kelly lays out the reasons why a new school of developers is about to learn to "test first."

Why we refactor

A programmer's manifesto: 8 reasons and more why refactoring is the mark of a professional.

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