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6 signs containers will gain ground in 2016

There's little question containers will continue to reshape IT in the coming year; here are several insights into what might happen

Review: Puppet Enterprise 3.0 pulls more strings

Version 3.0 of Puppet Labs' server configuration automation tool shines with speed boosts, orchestration improvements, and deeper support for Windows servers.

VMware/SpringSource relentlessly extending their Java cloud empire

Virtualized-Java-on-the-cloud news is still the industry's most intriguing storyline this Monday, as SpringSource absorbs another startup.

VMware, SpringSource, join forces for the Java cloud

So last week's Oracle announcement on Java virtualization has just been seriously eclipsed by a big joint announcement from VMware and, centered on VMware's recently acquired SpringSource division .

Virtualizing the JVM

Perhaps I was a bit too sneery Monday about the newly stacked set of Java and other components that Oracle recently rolled out under the "WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option." While the product may not denote the end of the operating...

Oracle seeks to answer VMware-SpringSource tie-up

Oracle unleashed a mass of tech gobbeldygook today with the release of its WebLogic Suite Virtualization Option.

Sun upgrades popular virtualisation tool

Sun has upgraded one of its most popular freeware products after releasing a major new version of its open-source virtualisation tool xVM VirtualBox, which includes the ability to cope with demanding server workloads.

Oracle: Late entry with strong bloodlines

Two months ago, Oracle wouldn't have leapt to mind as a potential contender in the next-generation data center. But that was pre-Sun, pre-Virtual Iron. Now, all of a sudden, Oracle has an interesting data center story to tell.

What IBM-Sun talks could mean for cloud, virtualization

Sun announced its new cloud compute and storage service on the same day the rumor leaked of its possible talks with IBM. Network World's Jon Brodkin reports on how Sun's cloud and virtualization infrastructure could benefit IBM.

IBM + Sun: How a merger would impact IT

Nine topics to consider regarding a potential IBM/Sun acquisition.

Virtualization crosses the aisle: Microsoft and Red Hat

A virtualization deal struck Monday between Microsoft and Red Hat shows the growing need for vendors to ensure customers get cross-platform support for applications running in virtualized environments -- even if it means reaching...

Server virtualization's tricky math

Server virtualization is meant to save cash by consolidating enterprise resources, but those numbers don't exactly add up. InfoWorld's Tom Kaneshige reports on the hidden costs of virtualization, especially for small- and medium-sized...

Server load balancing architectures, Part 2: Application-level load balancing

Gregor Roth concludes his two-part introduction to server load balancing architectures with a look at a variety of application-level solutions.

Server load balancing architectures, Part 1: Transport-level load balancing

Gregor Roth introduces server load balancing basics and discusses the pros and cons of transport-level versus application-level solutions.

Microsoft, Sun open interoperability lab

Microsoft and Sun, which became a Windows OEM last year, opened an interoperability center Monday that will provide a test bed for customers who want to run Microsoft applications on Sun x64 servers.

Java EE 6 profiles bright for Spring

Java EE 6 profiles could enable standardized combinations of technologies without the weighty legacy of the full Java EE platform.

Use Virtualization to Avoid Malware While WebSurfing

In presentations at Infoworld 's Virtualization Summits ( slides here ), I have repeatedly discussed how virtualization can prevent malware infections when you surf the web. The idea is to surf and do all transactions from inside a...

New Uses of Virtualization: Slides Here

Earlier this week, I lectured at InfoWorld 's Virtualization Summit on a topic that has interested me for a long time: uses of virtualization outside of the two principal use cases (server consolidation and developer testing of...

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