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The key knowledge gap hindering your cloud

SOA is critical to effective cloud computing, so it's too bad many developers and business managers overlook its principles.

Amazon Web Services now offers R on demand

Amazon now offers a hosted version of the Revolution Analytics R distribution, used for big data analysis, for an hourly fee.

Red Hat brings SOA to the cloud

Red Hat's JBoss Fuse Service Works 6 implements SOA best practices to automate some aspects of enterprise application integration.

Web technologies that deserve to die

Spring WebFlow, Seam, WebBeans, and related beasts must meet their extinction. Who thought evermore client state on the server was a grand idea anyway?

Ellison says IBM and SAP no longer Oracle's main rivals

After several years of focusing on rewriting Java middleware, Oracle is ready to bring its 'enormous suite' to the cloud, says Ellison.

App dev 2013: The winners and losers

A new school of Web-based enterprise development tools and platforms grew stronger and more versatile in 2013, leaving us with some interesting trends to build on in the year ahead.

Review: Dueling hybrid cloud wizards

CloudVelocity and Ravello Systems march clones of in-house servers into the cloud for development, testing, and disaster recovery.

Mobile doesn't need the cloud as its engine

There's no doubt: The cloud makes mobile computing more useful. But that truism can quickly lead you to a bad place -- namely, that mobile devices should just be portals to cloud services.

Salesforce goes all in on APIs

Newly announced Salesforce1 platform delivers platform services via APIs and represents re-envisioning of the company.

The risks and rewards of the age of APIs

As connected systems become the norm, developers are finding APIs more than plentiful. The issue is choosing an appropriate, high quality API among thousands of options.

Google extends App Engine for mobile app back end

Google Cloud Endpoints is a new collection of hosted tools and libraries that extend Google App Engine's current PaaS offering with infrastructure for cloud-based Android and iOS mobile apps.

Surprise! Java is fastest for server-side Web apps

Recent benchmarks show what many Java developers have known all along, with three Java web application frameworks topping the charts for server-side performance.

Troubleshooting Java enterprise application performance

This article addresses frequently occurring issues that can snowball into performance bottlenecks in enterprise Java applications. Based on a sample Java web services application, the authors focus on real-world techniques to catch...

Cloudera pitches Hadoop for everything. Really?

Cloudera's idea of Hadoop as an enterprise data hub is a bold one, but the reality's quite different: Hadoop still has a long way to go before it can eclipse all other big data solutions.

Java Tip: Consuming SharePoint web services with a Java client

Many companies use SharePoint to store and share documents, but relatively few Java developers know how to access SharePoint web services from a Java client. In this Java tip, learn how to use CAML calls for CRUD operations in...

Continuous delivery revs up software updates

Continuous delivery has made the annual software update a thing of the past, especially for cloud and mobile apps. Industry experts advise due diligence when adopting the agile methodology.

Apache CloudStack 4.2: Easier upgrades, faster installation, better scaling

Donated to Apache in March 2013, the Citrix CloudStack is now in its second release, featuring improvements to the process for installation and upgrades as well as more efficient scaling.

How to provision users in a cloud world

When subscribing to multiple SaaS offerings serving many users, it gets complicated quickly. Here's how to address the problem now and in the future.

Java Tip: Write an SOA integration layer with Apache Camel

Use Apache Camel's Multicast and Aggregator pattern implementations to develop a quick-and-easy integration layer for a service-oriented architecture.

Java EE a tough sell for Spring framework users

New Spring framework releases such as Spring 4.0 and Spring IO stay in step with the evolving Java EE while offering programming ease and enterprise features not found on the Java standard platform.

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