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Java EE a tough sell for Spring framework users

New Spring framework releases such as Spring 4.0 and Spring IO stay in step with the evolving Java EE while offering programming ease and enterprise features not found on the Java standard platform.

17 things you should go ahead and cloud

From backups to load balancing and continuous integration, Andrew Oliver names 17 business and development tasks that should hit the cloud, pronto.

Google to NSA: You'll have to take our data the hard way

The cloud industry, led by Google, is turning its focus away from blocking criminal hackers to blocking systematic government snooping.

Cache warfare: Azure and AWS get updated caching services

AWS's ElastiCache service now supports Redis as well as Memcached, while Windows Azure Cache has increased cache sizes and reduced latency for faster response times.

Larry Ellison to talk in-memory database, Oracle PaaS at OpenWorld

Ellison's two keynotes at the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld conference in September will feature Oracle's emerging in-memory database and Java PaaS technologies.

10gen CEO: NoSQL has come far, but still needs better security, management

NoSQL databases are known for being able to handle high volume data that doesn't fit the relational model, but the NoSQL ecosystem is not yet mature enough for many mainstream applications, said the MongoDB CEO.

Amazon offers mobile developers cross-platform push notifications

Mobile app developers can send as many as 1 million push notifications each month for free.

Google, Microsoft play catch up to Amazon, add load balancing, auto-scaling to their clouds

Google Wednesday rolled out load balancing features to its public cloud service, allowing customers to automatically scale up and down virtual machines to accommodate unexpected spikes in demand.

How big data platforms should work

Jason Hoffman, CTO and founder of cloud service provider Joyent, details how combining object storage and parallel compute clusters can make working with big data easier and faster by eliminating bottlenecks.

Open source Java projects: Vert.x

With the release of Vert.x 2.0, now is the perfect time to learn about this JVM-based distributed application framework that was inspired by Node.js, but built to leverage the Java platform APIs.

IBM support for Cloud Foundry stands to benefit OpenStack, Java too

IBM has announced it's throwing its enterprise heft behind Cloud Foundry, the VMWare-spawned open source PaaS unveiled in 2011.

Microsoft, Azul to put open source Java on Azure cloud

Microsoft's open source subsidiary is partnering with JVM technology vendor Azul Systems to deliver a build of OpenJDK that will run on the Windows Azure cloud platform.

In the cloud, code doesn't need developers?

Some business managers admit to dreaming of the day that all enterprise development is automated with a simple, drag-and-drop interface, but certain kinds of complex problems will continue to elude the 'codeless development' crowd for...

How my company went 100 percent cloud

After a major outage, a software consulting company swapped its in-house infrastructure for a cloud equivalent in record time. How did they do it?

Box, Dropbox vie for developers' loyalties

Box and Dropbox are moving beyond simple file storage, offering tools and APIs that facilitate cloud-to-mobile development in a versatile ecosystem.

How IT can learn to stop worrying and love the cloud

The current state of PaaS adoption reveals a growing divide among developers, as some resist the changes that others embrace. Cloudbees CEO Sacha Labourey tackles the question: If developers aren't driving PaaS adoption, who is?

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c gears up for the private cloud

The updated enterprise management software now allows administrators to set up long-term workflows and is geared especially for Oracle-based PaaS.

Improving K-12 education with shared data and open APIs

A fragmented school system means siloed data, custom apps, and high costs, but education startup InBloom offers a better way with a common data store and APIs any app can use.

Google and Red Hat collaborate on App Engine in private clouds

Google and Red Hat have worked on tests to verify third-party implementations of App Engine, including Red Hat's CapeDwarf.

Forrester: PaaS makes developers happy

A new Forrester Research study says PaaS could be one of the most important cloud-based services for businesses moving forward.

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