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Groovy ETLs with Scriptella

The open source BI, reporting, and ETL space is bursting at the seams with capable tools. In fact, I recently had a conversation with Tim Berglund regarding open source business intelligence where he specifically mentions two highly...

Slurping XML with Groovy

In the early days of using Java in conjunction with XML , it often seemed more difficult than it should be to use the Java programming language with the XML markup language.

Gosh, Things ARE Better for Developers These Days

Let's take a moment to appreciate how much has improved, in a developer's lot, over the last decade. In particular, contemplate how many "basic" programming concepts and "everybody knows" knowledge didn't exist in your life.

ActionScript for Java developers, Part 1

Java developers making the leap from Java syntax to ActionScript have been known to stumble, or at least bruise their fingers typing vars where none used to be. Chet Haase launches a two-part introduction to ActionScript 3's filthy...

Java Properties in XML

Java properties have been a staple of Java development for many years. Even today, Java properties are used in popular frameworks and tools such as the Spring Framework and Ant .

Generate XML Schemas from XML with inst2xsd

In an earlier blog entry , I wrote about using Trang to generate XML Schema from an XML source document.

Exchanging Data With XML and JAXB, Part 2

by Jennie Hall In Exchanging Data With XML and JAXB, Part 1 , we saw how the Java Architecture for XML Binding ( JAXB ) expedites the exchange of data between systems. With JAXB 2.0's annotation support, generating XML data for a...

Java's place in the fragmented mobile world

There's a long and interesting piece on InformationWeek today about the fragmented landscape of mobile device programming . It's a landscape that's getting more fragmented as time goes on, not consolidating as one might expect. The...

Exchanging Data with XML and JAXB, Part 1

by Jennie Hall In this tip, you'll learn how to to use the Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) in Java SE 6 to exchange XML data between systems without having to delve into the specifics of XML processing. Among other key...

Ajax programming with the Java Scripting API

Discover the Java Scripting API and use it to develop a dynamic, Swing-based weather application, in this excerpt from Jeff Friesen's 'Beginning Java SE 6 Platform.'

XML data interchange in Java ME applications

Get a primer on the Data Transfer Object design pattern and learn how using XML-based DTOs with a simple tool can speed up the development of Java mobile client-server applications.

JSON creator slams Ajax, Web

Rich Web Experience keynoter Douglas Crockford points out the deficiencies of Ajax and the Web, calls for standardization and uniformity in browsers.

Java internationalization with the Properties Pre-Processor

Try an open source utility that lets you store localized strings in a single XML file and easily share it across multiple locale-aware applications.

XML merging made easy

Get started with an open source tool that lets you use XPath declarations to merge data from build scripts, config files, deployment descriptors and more.

TurboLinux to help translate Open XML for Asia

TurboLinux has joined the Microsoft-funded effort to build an Open XML-ODF translator.

Book excerpt: Converting XML to spreadsheet, and vice versa

In this article, an excerpt from "Pro XML Development with Java Technology" (Apress, September 2006), you'll employ the Jakarta POI project's HSSF API to translate XML into an Excel spreadsheet and then covert the spreadsheet format...

Mustang: The fast track to Web services

The upcoming release of Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) version 6.0, also known as Mustang, makes development and consumption of Web services a breeze. It brings the power of metadata (just type @WebService and you are...

Java-XML mapping made easy with JAXB 2.0

Do you need a way to manipulate XML documents within Java simply by using ordinary Java classes, and without the headaches of the Document Object Model and the Simple API for XML Processing? JAXB 2.0 could be the answer. The Java...

Develop configurable software applications with ease

The Obix Framework is an XML and Java configuration framework that provides developers with the ability to easily and quickly develop configurable software applications. This tutorial is a quick and short introduction to the...

XFire: The easy and simple way to develop Web services

Ask .Net developers how tough it is to develop Web services. Amused by your question, they'll probably reply that the steps require less than a minute of your time. Ask a Java developer, and, chances are, you'll get a completely...

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