Connecting to Cassandra from Java

Learn how to connect to the Cassandra database and perform basic CRUD operations using CQL and the Cassandra Java Driver.

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Hello Cassandra

Get a quick guide to setting up Cassandra, using keyspaces, and creating a column family, then some caveats regarding how the NoSQL datastore differs from a relational database.


Dockerfiles in a jiffy

Curious about Docker but you haven't tried it yet? Andrew Glover gets you going with quick instructions to create a Dockerfile that runs Amazon’s DynamoDB Local. Set it up once and your Dockerfile runs DynamoDB or any other service... logo

Jumping JavaScript! Hands-on with the framework is due to hit open beta on May 19. Take a guided tour of this fast and flashy JavaScript framework that seeks to reinvent the Web.

Open source Java projects: Spring Integration

Use Spring Integration to develop a robust message-passing architecture that integrates and coordinates enterprise components across an ActiveMQ message bus via JMS.

Java Tip: Hibernate validation in a standalone implementation

Get started with declarative annotations, composite validation rules, and selective validation in Hibernate Validator 5.0.3.

Java 8's functional fomentation

Combining the new Stream API with lambda expressions brings a whole new level of functional-foo to Java collections.

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Code in JavaScript the smart, modular way

Real developers need to do more than slap together some JavaScript on top of a Java back-end. Here's a quick-start guide to writing modularized JavaScript code.

What will Java 8 do to your code?

Java 8 is here -- so let's start kicking the tires and find out how it really works.


Integrating Arquillian and JBehave

Get a quick look at three open source extensions that integrate Arquillian's container-based testing with JBehave's behavior-driven development framework.

Uses and limitations of the Stream API in Java 8

The Stream API is one of the more noteworthy additions coming in Java 8. Get a short demo of Stream's impact on your everyday for-loop, then consider some of the features you might yet wish it had.

HttpClient basic authentication

Basic authentication with HttpClient 4: A simple use case demonstrates preemptive authorization and how to manually set the Authorization header.

Evolving Gradle build from Ant build: Importing Ant build files

You might be familiar with Groovy's AntBuilder, which you can use to call Ant tasks and run Ant targets. But have you tried Gradle's built in DefaultAntBuilder?

Object calisthenics: Change the way you code

If you want to sharpen your code, put on your tracksuit and hit the virtual gym. This workout routine is made for programmers.

Initial Peek at Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications

Packt Publishing recently invited me to review Mick Knutson 's ( @mickknutson ) book Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications .

Dozer: Mapping JAXB Objects to Business/Domain Objects

Dozer is an open source ( Apache 2 license ) "Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another." As this description from its main web page states, it is used to map two JavaBeans instances for...

Why I stopped using Spring

Spring's culture of dependency injection encourages reuse, even at the expense of introducing coupling. If you had to choose between decoupling and reuse, where would you land?

More Common Red Flags in Java Development

In the post Common Red Flags in Java Development I looked at some practices that are not necessarily wrong or incorrect in and of themselves, but can be indicative of potentially greater problems.

Uncompressing 7-Zip Files with Groovy and 7-Zip-JBinding

This post demonstrates a Groovy script for uncompressing files with the 7-Zip archive format. The two primary objectives of this post are to demonstrate uncompressing 7-Zip files with Groovy and the handy 7-Zip-JBinding and to call...

Book Review: Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON

I was particularly interested in accepting Packt Publishing 's offer to provide a book review of Masoud Kalali 's and Bhakti Mehta 's Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON because its title mentions three...

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